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Noises in Your Long Beach Home

When animals get into your Long Beach home, you may not hear them move around during the day. There are at least two reasons for this. As humans we are more active and are louder during the day. Our normal daytime noises will drown out any noises made by animals. Also because we are busier and making noises the animals may keep still as a result. Another reason is that some of the animals, like the raccoon, are nocturnal. When the humans in the house settle down for the night it is easier to hear any animals using our home as their home.

Raccoons are large animals and will make sounds more similar to walking than mice and other smaller animals that make scampering sounds. Some sounds you may hear at night if an animal has made a nesting area in your home are:

  • Thumping: this sound is more likely a larger animal, like a raccoon or opossum. If they are raccoons, who are very clever, this sound could be them destroying items to use in making their den. Raccoons may also be moving objects around to provide better protection for their den area. They can also make this noise simply moving from one area of attic to another.
  • Vocalizations: crying, mewling, chittering, growling, screeching, or whining is often a sign of raccoon and most often raccoon babies. Mice, opossums, squirrels and rats rarely make vocalizations in this situation. Raccoon babies may be getting hungry waiting for mom to return with food and their mewling, crying, whining, or chittering will be loud enough to be heard.
  • Walking: If you hear what sounds like a very small child walking overhead, that will probably be larger animals. Raccoons and opossums are large enough that as they walk around it could sound like small humans walking.
  • Scratching: Squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoons will scratch. They do this when making the den, They may be moving insulation to make a nice nest area or even hiding food. Mice may scratch at sheetrock and raccoons may scratch at wood beams. Since you are hearing the sound at night it probably will not be a squirrel, they are not nocturnal. They most often will be sleeping at night.
  • Rolling ball noises: If you hear sounds that sound like a ball rolling over your head it may be a squirrel rolling their nuts across the floor before they hide them. Another animal that does this is rats but the timing may differ. Rats are nocturnal and squirrels are not. So rolling ball noises after dark it is more likely rats. If it is daytime or just before dusk it may be squirrels
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  • Scurrying or scampering: Mice, rats, and squirrels moving around will make a scurrying sound. Since the noises are at night it will more likely be rats or mice. If however it is more active in the daytime then it may be squirrels.

Raccoon Sounds Long Beach, CA.

If you have identified the sounds as thumping, walking and vocal sounds, then you most likely have raccoons. Raccoon moms are most likely to seek a den in a house as it is a safe place to give birth. That means you probably have an adult female and up to 6 babies. It may sound simple to locate the entry/exit point and set a trap. However if you do this and trap a mom, then the babies will starve and result will be a very strong odor that will not disappear anytime soon. The result will be the same if you close the entry/exit point without making sure all raccoons are out of the house.

Even a single adult raccoon stuck inside with no food will starve and make a very unpleasant odor. So consider calling in a Long Beach wildlife removal expert who can conduct a thorough inspection. The professional will be able to take care of removing any babies which often has to be done by hand. Also the wildlife expert in Los Angeles County will be aware of state laws. In many states there are laws regarding the legal status of raccoons. These laws determine what can be done with any raccoons found in your home. After ensuring all raccoons have been removed and properly taken care of the professional can help in repairing any damage, aiding in preventing a new raccoon from entering your home, and safely clearing the area the raccoon used as bathroom, which is hazardous and can carry disease.

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