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When a raccoon gets in your home it can cause many issues. Raccoons can damage insulation, siding roof flashing, roof shingles, and even electrical wire. They can also carry diseases like roundworm and rabies. So it is better to try to prevent raccoons from entering your home in the first place than have to deal with one in your home. Raccoons live in most places from rural to urban. No neighborhood is immune from raccoons. Because your home will be in an area with raccoons, you should take steps to discourage raccoons.

Raccoons in Trash or Garbage Long Beach, CA.

Raccoons are drawn to food. Limiting available food is one way to not attract raccoons.This can include restricting access to your trash can. Keeping your trash in a more secure location on a level surface to avoid the can tipping over. The best place is in a shed or garage if possible. This makes it less likely raccoons will get to it. Even if the can is in a secure place make sure it has a lid. But raccoons are very intelligent and cunning and may figure out how to get the lid off. If possible keep food based trash indoors until your trash pickup day or if you can freeze it. If this is not an option then you can use a variety of methods to make the job of opening your trash can more difficult. One solution is to buy cans with clamps or screw on lids. If your can does not have this you can use a bungee cord to keep the lid on. Another option is to use a heavy brick or cinder block placed on top of the lid.

Raccoons prefer dark spaces so having a motion light or blinking christmas lights to illuminate your trash cans may be an additional deterrent but is not enough by itself. Ammonia can disguise the odor of trash making it harder for raccoons to find it but is also not enough if you do not take care to secure it first. You should also keep the can clean by regularly hosing them down with soap and water. This will reduce the smell buildup which can attract raccoons. Remember to keep your trash secured until the day of trash pickup. Taking it out the night before can give the raccoons a chance to break into your can.

Another food source can be food you place out deliberately like pet food. Pet food for indoor cats and dogs can lure raccoons into your home through any unsecured openings. This can include a pet door meant to give your pet freedom to come and go. This pet door may also allow a raccoon to come in. It is recommended that pet doors have a locking feature. It is best to make sure that the lock is engaged after dark when raccoons are more active.

Raccoons will also like vegetable gardens. Once raccoons have discovered it it will be difficult to get them to give up their vegetable buffet. The most common time for raccoons to cause an issue in your garden will be right before harvest. An electric fence around your garden is the most effective way to keep raccoons out of your garden. Regular fences are often defeated by the smart cunning raccoons. If your garden is in a location where you won’t disturb yourself or the neighbors, you can place a radio on a motion detector so it turns on a rock station if raccoons are trying to enter the garden. As with the trash a motion light or blinking christmas lights will make your garden less attractive.

Raccoons problems in Feeders

If you like to feed the birds care must be taken to make sure birds and not raccoons are eating your feed. A pole feeder is not enough on its own because raccoons can climb the pole. You must place a pole feeder carefully as well as raccoons can jump down on it from above. Pole feeders 10 feet high and 10 feet away from trees and structures are best and use a raccoon guard on the pole. Hanging bird feeders are easily accessible if hung from trees. If hanging feeders are used it is best to secure it from line spread between two distant trees with 2 liter bottles with hole drilled in bottom to allow them to spin. This makes it more difficult for the raccoon to cross the line to the food. If it is possible bring bird feeders inside at night. Birds do not feed at night but raccoons do. Limit bird seed cast offs by using a feeder that catches it or using higher quality seed which the birds won’t want to toss out. Another way to limit waste under a feeder is to use one type of feed per feeder. Birds that don’t like that kind simply won’t visit that feeder.The bird seed not currently in a feeder should be stored in a secure place just like your trash. Using grease of any kind is never to be used. It can get on the bird's feathers and the birds can not clean it off and can make it hard or impossible to fly.

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