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You had heard some noises in your ceiling or walls. The noises stopped so you forgot about it or figured the animal that was making the noises moved on. Then a horrible smell gets stronger every day. You can assume an animal has died in your Long Beach house. It is not a raccoon often but sometimes it does happen. Often the bigger the animal the worse the smell. Because raccoons are larger than a mouse the smell will also be worse.

In addition to animal size, the location of the dead raccoon will affect how strong the odor is. If it is near the edge of your attic, near the soffit, it won’t be as bad. If it is in a central location with no ventilation, like an interior wall, the smell will intensify. Also the temperature and humidity play a role in the strength of the smell. In hotter temperatures the smell will be stronger. The same is true for high humidity. So if you live in the north and a raccoon dies in your Long Beach home in winter the smell will be less than if you live in the south and a raccoon dies in your house in the summer.

Dead Raccoon Disease Long Beach, CA.

The most urgent concern when a raccoon dies in your home is the smell. However, dead animals will result in flies and maggots. A carcass can also attract other animals wanting to feed on it. If the body is there too long it will decompose and bodily fluids can damage your home and repairs will be costly. Disease is another high concern with dead raccoons. Raccoons can carry many diseases that can infect humans. If the intestinal fluids from a decaying body gets into your water system it can make anyone drinking it sick. Flies can also carry diseases from the dead raccoon. Tularemia is one disease that is a result of coming into contact with a raccoon carcass. Tularemia is a bacterial infection that results in skin ulcers and swollen lymph glands. If you touch your eyes with infected fingers you can transfer the infection there and it could cause swelling and redness or even an ulcer on the inside of the eyelid.

Dead Raccoon Clean Up Long Beach, CA.

If you can locate the dead raccoon and it is in an area easily accessible, you may be able to remove it yourself. However, it is important to use proper safety precautions. You must in no way allow any contact between yourself and the dead raccoon due to the disease concern. Always wear gloves and a HEPA mask. A protective suit or clothes you plan to throw away are good ideas too. It is also important that you remove all insects living in the dead carcass as well as the carcass. Know your state's laws that govern how to dispose of the dead raccoon. Once the carcass has been removed the area must be mopped up and disinfected thoroughly. There are some biologic cleaners that will break down the odor causing molecules that will also need to be applied. The best bet is to call in the Long Beach raccoon specialists.

In most cases the access to the dead raccoon will be restricted. Making it too difficult for homeowners to attempt removal on their own. This may happen if the raccoon started out in your attic but fell down an interior wall and died unable to climb back out. It may even be that the dead raccoon is in your attic but hidden because it is under the insolation. Raccoons may get into the air conditioning system. In these cases it is recommended that you contact a wildlife removal expert in Los Angeles County. We have experience finding the dead animal no matter how well it hid before dying. We have the tools needed to get into your walls, ceilings, crawl spaces and chimneys to remove the carcass. They will know state laws about how to dispose of the carcass.Then we will then be able to repair your house both from the removal process. Then they will do an inspection to find out how the raccoon entered in the first place. The wildlife removal expert can then seal any entry point and work with you to make your house less attractive to raccoons.

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