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Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your Long Beach home. They can damage vegetable gardens, home's, garbage cans and bird feeders. Some damage will occur from raccoons looking for food, like the gardens, garbage cans or the bird feeders. Some damage will occur when raccoons are looking for a home to call their own and they will not care if they have to share your Los Angeles County home with you. Especially if it is a pregnant female looking for a place to have her babies. Nesting raccoons will want to find a safe quiet place to give birth and raise her babies. In more rural areas they can often find a hollow tree but in more urban areas your attic seems like a good choice.

Raccoons are quite clever and stronger than you might think. They can tear off shingles which leaves your home vulnerable to water damage during the next rain. They can break fascia boards or soffits particularly if they are older and weakening due to lack of proper maintenance or previous damage that was not properly repaired. Raccoons will even destroy roof ventilation. They can damage fans or roof vents and find a way into your home. Raccoons will also take advantage of any unmaintained areas that provide easy access, like broken chimney caps or windows.

Once inside your home raccoons will find an area to use as their bathroom. Raccoon urine and feces is quite the mess to clean up and the feces most likely will be infested with raccoon roundworm. It is necessary to use proper safety precautions to clean it up. This will include removal and replacing any contaminated insulation. In addition to concerns about the raccoons bathroom area, they can also damage ductwork. Some will collateral damage as the raccoon goes over the area as it enters and leaves. Some will be on purpose as it can seem like an extra safe location. Raccoons chew and can chew through wood and even electric wires. If you live in areas that do not have basements and have insulated pipes in a crawlspace under your home raccoons will chew the pipe insulation. This could cause frozen pipes which can burst and result in expensive repairs.

Raccoons can do damage to your property even if they do not actually enter you home. Raccoons will sometimes damage garbage cans in an effort to tip over the can or get the lid off to feast on your leftovers. Raccoons will also go after birdseed and can damage feeders while trying to get to the seed. Raccoons have been known to go after animals in your backyard. Ponds with koi or chicken coops can entice raccoons. Raccoons will go after easy food so make any backyard animals harder to get. Koi and other aquatic animals the raccoons will prey on should be given a hiding place. An elevated rock secured near the bottom may work for the fish. If the pond is small enough a removable barrier to cover the pond at night when raccoon activity is most likely can work as well. Larger ponds can be made steep enough around the edges to discourage the raccoons. Also the electrified wires that were described for gardens can also work for ponds. Chicken coops well maintained with secure doors with locks will cut down on raccoons damage and the death of your chickens.

If you are a farmer or just have a backyard garden, raccoons can do major damage to your plants. Sweet corn is a particular favorite of raccoons and they will bend the stalks and pull back husks to get to the corn to eat. They also like watermelons and will make a hole in the rind and scoop out the insides. As the raccoon searches for food it will also trample other crops even if it does not eat them. Raccoons are very agile and most can climb over any fence system. The best way to keep raccoons out are two electrified wires. These wires should be placed at 6 inches and 12 inches and go around the area you wish protected. The wires can be hooked up to a switch so that during the daytime, when raccoon activity is not likely, the electricity can be turned off. Raccoons will even damage new lawns. They can easily roll new turf searching for grubs and worms.

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